Transom Windows

Add Style to Your Home Interior with Transom Windows

Often considered a classic element of Victorian architectural style, transom windows are making a big comeback in both new construction and home remodeling. Here is a bit of information about what transom windows are, their benefits, and how to incorporate them into your own home.

Transom Windows: What Are They?

Transom windows are small windows that rest above interior doorways or in walls. These windows can either be plain or decorative and come in a wide variety of styles. (Styles of decorative transom windows can rage from extremely detailed stained glass pieces to incredibly simple clear glass ones.) In addition, transom windows can either be able to be opened or stay fixed closed.

Transom Windows: The Benefits

There are two major benefits to adding transom windows to the interior of your home: light and ventilation. Traditionally, transom windows were able to be opened and allowed cross ventilation from room to room in homes that pre-dated central heating and cooling. For many homeowners, the height of transom windows (typically, high above doorways) allowed for secure ventilation without leaving a low door unlocked or window open. In modern times post the invention of the air conditioning system, these windows are usually used for decorative purpose. Transom windows are also an excellent option for hallways or staircases that have no outside windows and need to draw light from other areas of the home.

Transom Windows: Transom Windows In Your Home

Typically, adding transom windows can be a bit tricky in homes with low ceilings. However, if the room has a vaulted ceiling and standard height doorway, most contractors can easily frame and install a set of transom windows above an interior doorway. There are a wide variety of options and styles for these types of windows available from manufacturers in the industry, whether they are traditional “hand blown” glass styles (more expensive) to plain clear glass options (less expensive). Contact your local door and window contractor to find out if transom windows are an appropriate option for the architecture of your home.

FUN FACT: The American saying “over the transom” refers to a piece of literary or other work that is submitted without being solicited from a writer or artist to a publisher. This comes from the days when many offices had transom windows, and a budding novelist or musician would slip their work over the locked office door and into the building through a transom window.

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