Green Movement in Your Home Improvement

Put the Green Movement in Your Home Improvement

Now that the environmental revolution is no longer a new movement, the costs of many of the materials needed to go green have come way down. On top of that, the assortment of those materials has vastly increased, making the selection process that much more rewarding. You can simply get more of what you want for less than ever. And if you still cannot afford to make the environmentally friendly energy changes you would like, there are, at least, a number of ways you can compensate as a consolation until you are able to make the investments you want.

Especially in the energy business, one economic principle remains – hire a pro. Enlisting the right specialist is always a good investment, even if it doesn’t at first seem like a no-brainer. If you choose wisely, the money you pay the professional should eventually be returned to you as added savings. Not only have they spent the time gaining the experience and expertise, but it is also in their best interest to provide you with a solid, lasting service, so that they can expect your repeated business as well as that of your friends and colleagues.

In particular, a professional energy assessor will save you money in the long run. You may be quite unaware just how much money is going (sometimes literally) out the window until an assessor has had the opportunity to, well, assess. He or she will have nothing much personally to gain from exaggerating the truth or being at all ineffectual. Even if there is a third party contractor involved with which you suspect the assessor to be cooperating, your satisfaction is a valuable commodity once the energy upgrades are complete. And if you are not able to calculate real savings, the assessor and contractor are both vulnerable to criticism.

And in these days of the Internet one client’s dissatisfaction can be quite damaging.

One thing to keep in mind when assessing an assessor – you do not need to purchase a new water heater. If it’s time to replace your old one, you can opt to go “tankless,” which means replacing your water heater with a tankless water heating system that will only heat as much water as you use.

It’s not a coincidence that saving money and saving the environment go hand-in-hand. It boils down to circumventing a mass-production industry’s imposed standards, standards that were instituted for a singular purpose: to make more money. A parallel can be drawn with the organic foods and produce industry. Since when does the omission of chemicals cost more money? It doesn’t. The same goes for home furnishings. Some materials are simply easier to replace in nature and more cost efficient, and with today’s green competition, the quality has risen in many respects.

Building standards have improved across the board, and there is just too much pressure to go green for a builder not to.

Some products and practices to consider:

Most of the major paint manufacturers have come out with eco-friendly paints and painting products, but they will advertise as such, so look for something to that effect on the label or on their website.

Cork and bamboo flooring is not only eco-logically friendly, they’re eco-nomically friendly as well. They are naturally replenished much more rapidly than the slow-growing hardwood trees.

Wool carpeting, while often slightly more expensive than synthetics, gives an organic and comfortable feel to your home, without the expense to nature created by the carpeting manufacturers.

Consider the now-old phrase, “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle,” in terms of the larger home furnishing you may need to repair. If you can take an old piece of flooring or furniture and revamp it to a new finish, it will probably have more intrinsic beauty and character than a new piece. Then you can at least find it a new home if you still don’t want it, because someone will certainly appreciate it, and the overall environmental cost of the furniture industry can be somewhat abated.

It’s a new world we live in, and even the big businesses are aware that more green environmentalism will lead to more green in their company bank accounts.



Articles of Incorporation Defined

Articles of Incorporation are legal business incorporation documents for Canadian or American companies. Depending on where the business is incorporated, the documents are filed with a state, provincial or federal governing body. These documents are a required part of the incorporation process, and list the reasoning behind why a corporation exists.

The Purpose of Articles of Incorporation

An article of incorporation, when filed with a government agency, creates the corporation as well as how the shares of the company will be structured. The Articles of Incorporation also explain who is actually incorporating the business (i.e. the individuals filing the forms), and may list the initial directors of the company as well. Any rules or regulations of the business are laid out in a related, attached document, called the Bylaws of the corporation.

Is The Article of Incorporation All That’s Needed?

It depends on where the business is incorporated. In Canada, there are a few forms to fill out (Articles of Incorporation Form, Restated Articles of Incorporation Form). In the US, most states require more than just an article of incorporation (see: Articles of Incorporation Form), such as an annual report. After filing for incorporation in the US, the business directors will receive the necessary documents in the mail.

Article of Incorporation Sample Template – Restriction on the Transfer of Shares

Please do not take the following information as legal advice. This is merely an article of incorporation sample, and will require review by a lawyer familiar with business incorporation procedures in your jurisdiction before use.

The ability and legal right to transfer the corporation’s shares is restricted, in that shareholders are not allowed to transfer corporate shares without written agreement from:

  1. the directors of the incorporated business, who require a resolution agreed upon by the majority of directors, as decided in writing or at a meeting of the corporations shareholders; or
  2. the corporate shareholders, who require a resolution agreed upon by the majority of eligible shareholders.

Article of Incorporation Sample Template – Other

Securities held by the corporation cannot be transferred without:

  • agreement by a majority of the incorporated businesses’ directors; or
  • agreement by a majority of the incorporated businesses’ shareholders.

If the law so allows in the corporation’s jurisdiction and by agreement with the majority of shareholders, the directors of the corporation may:

  • use the corporation’s credit to borrow necessary funds;
  • state, release, sell or guarantee the debt assets and liabilities of the corporation; and
  • create a security interest with regards to the property of the corporation, in order to shelter the debt assets or liabilities of the corporation.
Management by Objectives

Attain Personal Success Using Business Models: Management by Objectives for Individual Achievement

There are several ways that individual can meet their personal goals, whether at work, home, or in personal relationships. One is to actually use the business model MBO.

Most models of personal success are very similar to business management models, although often “water-down” or modified versions. The MBO model is a simple management model for reaching and attaining success goals that is easily adaptable to personal use.

What is Management by Objectives?

The MBO model is where someone decides on some specific goals that they want to achieve, say for example, you want to lose forty pounds in the next year, and set specific task, or objectives in order to reach that goal. Each objective must meet the SMART criteria. This means they must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Specific.

Using the weight loss example, you might give yourself some specific diet or exercise objectives which are task driven. Your objective might be to cut out a certain amount of calories from your diet within the first two weeks. From this your tasks could be:

  • cut out
  • daily chocolate bar right away
  • cut out
  • daily giant Big Gulp and replace it with water
  • by week
  • replace all junk food snacks in the house with healthy snacks, such as fruit and vegetables.

This objective is then specific (the number of calories you reduce the diet), measureable, achievable (you’ve only modified part of the diet, so it doesn’t hurt you all at once), relevant (it’s healthier food choices and reduction of unwanted consumption), and time-specific (you’ve decided by when it must be completed).

An Exercise to Reach Success

One of the first things that you must do in order to use this model is to brainstorm the things that you would like to accomplish in order to meet your idea of improvement or personal success. Whether this is in your work or personal life, there are specific goals you want to reach, so you must write each and every one of them down.

Once the goals are written down, pick the top five goals. What is most important for you to achieve? Rank these goals. Now write down at least three objectives that meet the SMART criteria that you need to accomplish in order to reach that specific goal. The objectives will each likely require you to complete several specific tasks. What are those tasks? How can you complete them?

Time Management is a Factor in Success

For your tasks you will have to set specific times that you want to complete each task. This is where your time management skills come into play. Many people use a scheduler, such as a day-timer or a program like Outlook when they are at work. There is no reason you can’t have something similar for your personal life. One idea is to use a list for each day’s items that you have to get done. All truly successful people have such a list. Go over it every morning and see what things you have to do. Make sure to allow time in this schedule for your work and personal care. Some people tend to get over zealous and schedule too many things into their life. Remember that you typically need at least nine or ten hours from each day for sleep and personal care, including meals.

With clear goals and objectives and knowing the tasks that need to be done in order to meet each objective, you will have a much higher chance of attaining any kind of success you desire!