Construction Calculators

A Consumer’s Guide to Construction Calculators

Many home improvement and remodel projects fall through because of budget failures. The cost for materials is underestimated in the overall budget; leaving the project undone and the homeowner feeling overwhelmed.

The days of making a last minute mad dash to the DIY store for more materials needs to end. Bought your new flooring on clearance and it’s no longer made but everything you bought is now glued to the floor? Tough break.

The other less delightful end of the spectrum is gone too, that of trying to return unused materials for a possible refund. Why haul materials back and forth for little or nothing?

This problem can be solved by using a construction calculator to estimate the materials needed beforehand. The project can then be done in stages according to the budget or all at once.

Types of Calculators:

Construction calculators are available for different trades: pipe layer, carpenter, contractor, electrical and plumbing. Some models come with workbooks with construction formulas so the average DIY’er can easily estimate the materials needed. Others are available for the professional contractor for major projects. They range in price from approximately $20 and up depending on the use.

The InchMate calculator helps with finding accurate dimensions. Nothing in home construction or carpentry is ever just “one foot” exactly. Able to help convert metric to inches and deal with fractions of inches, this calculator can be used by anyone to find the exact measurements for the project.

Construction calculator software is also available for those who need accurate estimates but do not want to deal with a hand held model and remembering formulas. Affordable and easy to use; formulas are already programmed into the template. This saves time and effort. The information can be saved and printed out with professional looking results- far better than notes stuffed into a pocket or written on a wrist or forearm.

By using a construction calculator guesswork is eliminated. The DIY’er can measure stock already on hand and know exactly how much is needed to complete the project. Calculate wood, concrete, electrical lines, pipe, roofing material and more accurately with this invaluable tool. Keep it in your toolbox or tool belt so it will be available when it is needed the most.

These calculators are available at any DIY store; ask trained employees to help match you with the right one. They are also available online with customer service available to help you.