Lehigh Valley Etsy Shops is a wonderful website to sell and purchase handmade and vintage goods, but beyond that, it also gives people a great outlet to find local craftspeople and sellers of vintage items. In the Lehigh Valley area alone, which includes the cities of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton, as well as other towns, there are dozens of Etsy sellers. As an Etsy seller myself (my shop is ideology), I think it’s important to support other Lehigh Valley Etsy shops. Here you can find a variety of handmade and vintage products made by creative, entrepreneurial people:

Lovebirds Paperee

This is a lovely Lehigh Valley Etsy shop that consists of an artist named Erin who turns simple paper items, such as invitations, envelopes, recipe cards, and even magnets, too, into lovely little works of art. She also offers affordable, custom items at her customers’ requests, as well.


UnderWired is an awesome Lehigh Valley Etsy shop that sells vintage goods from their base in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. They sell clothing, such as dresses, shirts, coats, and sweaters, and jewelry and other accessories as well as collectibles. UnderWired is a great, local Etsy shop for lovers of vintage style.


Oddity86 is one of the Lehigh Valley’s most unique Etsy shops. Run by Aida, this shop features unique, handmade skirts, tops, and bags. Aida also has another Etsy shop that features her knitted items, NuckinFutsKnitter.


HaydenBrook is made up of a wife and husband team out of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Laurie Hayden and Brook Bergey started Hayden Brook Studios in 1994, and while their Esty shop just launched in October of 2010, they already have a lot of success to show for it. Their shop is filled with lovely pieces of jewelry – from rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings to hair jewels, watches, men’s jewelry, and even supplies. A lot of their jewelry is created with gorgeous, handcrafted dichroic glass, which has stunning optical properties.


At LindseysPhotography, you’ll find a variety of gorgeous photographic pieces of art. Some of the artists featured subjects include animals, seasonal changes, fruits, flowers, cities, skylines, sculptures, natural landscapes, and urban ones.


In the shop for KellysBath there are numerous bath and body products available for nearly any need, and they all can be found in wonderful scents, from basics like lavender and strawberry to more unique scents such as Berry Bewitching Brew and Snow Angels. The shop also has a number of vegan-friendly items, including massage bars and solid perfumes, which still can be found in a number of delectable scents.

To find even more Lehigh Valley Etsy sellers, check out the Lehigh Valley Love team. I also create handmade items, like jewelry, and have my own shop on Etsy, ideology. Enjoy supporting local sellers and getting quality affordable items, too!

You can see my Etsy shop here, and you can read more of my articles on Lehigh Valley locales here.

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