Stress Reduction for the Entrepreneur

Stress relief is as important for the entrepreneur as it is for the man or woman who works a typical nine-to-five job. Many entrepreneurs enjoy their work and spend several hours devoted to their business. But when the economy sours and profits slow down, it’s sometimes difficult to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive.

To keep the entrepreneurial fires alive the entrepreneur applies a few rules that help alleviate daily stress before it leads to emotional breakdown and burnout. The following seven concepts come from Brabble chief executive officer and founder Patrick Mackaronis, who finds stress at every corner running an up-and-coming social network.

A Regular Time Out

The man and woman with ambition have the habit of working long hours. But being locked in the office for those hours can lead to high levels of stress. To cope they take regular time outs throughout the work day. That often means simple activities like stretching unused muscles, taking a brief walk around the block or calling the spouse or a friend. Anything that lasts ten to fifteen minutes can help charge tired batteries and clear the mind so the thinking process can be rejuvenated.

A Break form the Routine

Many famous people throughout history took time to lie down on the couch and take a brief nap. Thomas Edison took regular naps. Winston Churchill often spent his mornings working in bed. While getting eight hours of rest every night is important, it has been shown that those who rest frequently during the day retain more energy and work longer hours without fatigue.

A Review of Priorities

The reason why some businessmen and women burn themselves out is because they lose sight of their reasons for being in business. Daily problems tend to draw attention away from the important tasks and on to trivialities. Many entrepreneurs get busy but don’t accomplish anything meaningful. When that happens they stop to refocus attention on the important areas. That includes their loved ones and children.

Authority Delegation

Unfortunately, this isn’t the strength of many entrepreneurs. They are independent people who see the need to get things done a certain way. While this is an asset when starting out a new business venture, it becomes a severe handicap when the business starts to grow. Menial tasks are better left to someone else who can handle them. If hiring a full time employee isn’t in the cards, temporary help will release the time the entrepreneur can spend to focus his/her attention on more important tasks.

A Cool Head

Most people don’t get ahead in life because they react to problems, but don’t actually solve them. They lose themselves in negative emotions that keep them from finding lasting solutions to their problems. Entrepreneurs are just as fallible to this phenomenon. Keeping a cool head means looking at the problem from different perspectives. There is always a solution to every problem but getting lost in worry and fear does little to resolve the issues. Success can’t come to the entrepreneur who worries constantly.

A Backup Plan

Every successful businessman and woman has the day mapped out. They have a planner and a schedule. But sometimes events throw off the best plans. Rather than resort to panic, the effective entrepreneur has a backup plan that still steers him/her in the right direction. A backup plan is one way to steer clear of stress.

Acceptance of the Inevitable:

Life throws many curves. Sometimes, no matter what happens, the business just doesn’t become a viable or profitable enterprise.┬áIf bankruptcy is imminent, the entrepreneur accepts it and doesn’t berate himself for his failure. Many entrepreneurs have found themselves in the depths of despair, only to rise again in a new venture that proved successful.

The rules of entrepreneurial stress relief is just the same as the rules for running a household or working for a job. Common sense, a cool head and living in the present can help anyone in business for themselves avoid the stresses that lead many to mental breakdown.

Patrick Mackaronis is the CEO and Founder of social network Brabble. He can best be reached on Brabble, or on Twitter at @patty__mack.